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Yousaf Alamgirian’s‘Sufnay’ published

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ISLAMABAD, JUNE 13 (DNA) –A book based on Punjabi poetry named “Sufnay” (dreams) written by renowned writer, poet and columnist Yousaf Alamgirian has published by Qalam Foundation International, Lahore.

The book has been declared as a wonderful addition in the Punjabi languagepoetry by literary circles. Punjabi fiction writer Zahid Hassan and prominent writer Jabbar Mirza in their respective reviews on the book have termed the effort as unique and diverse from thought and content point of view.

Punjabi Fiction writer Zahid Hassan opines that the book Sufany is not based on the dreams of the poet only but it reflects the true pain for the masses,society and the motherland. The poet wants a lovable, harmonious and fair society which can honour the values and beliefs of each other. Despite the resolve to bring harmony in the country poet’s narration of romanticism in the ghazals and poems is amazing and matchless.

Zahid Hassan further applauded the tenacity of the poet for his mother tongue Punjabi as native languages have been neglected over the years. So we need to keep live our mother tongue as our culture is interlinked with our languages and literature we produced.

Prominent writer and columnist Jabbar Mirza while reviewing the Sufnay has termed it as splendid work in Punjabi language.

He appreciated the poet for sharing his dreams with the masses that too in his ‘ma’anboli’ (mother tongue).

He opines that Yousaf Alamgirian’s poetry has introduced new trends of expressing the thoughts and love with the people, the land and ideology. He commended the way poet has skillfully narrated that how tough is it in the society to take stand with the truth and realism. Genuine people don’t dare to lose their lives even, while standing with the veracity.


sachi gal aey

sachi gal lai

sachi muchi

marna penda aey

Jabbar Mirza opines that Sufnay is not only a poetry based book but it’s a movement to give wake up call to those who don’t see dreams and have become victims of their paralyzed thoughts and living as hopeless entity of the society. Mirza says the intellectuals, writers and poets are eyes of the society. If this strata of the society stop seeing the things the way they should see and foresee the society becomes blind and useless. He termed the Sufnay an effort which would  compel people to think, to act, to love and to live and let live.

It is recalled that Sufnay is second publication of Yousaf Alamgirian. His first book ‘Khush Bashain’ based on sketches of literary, journalistic and personalities from other walks of life was published in 2008 and was well received by the literary circles. His third book based on humours articles is under publication. =DNA


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