Chief Editor: Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

Yes I am a soldier of my proud Army, Shahid Afridi hits back hard at Indian media


ISLAMABAD, APR 05 (DNA) – Responding to Indian media claims that he’s an agent of the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), Shahid Afridi said, “If I wasn’t a cricketer, I’d be in the Pakistan Army. I am proud of what our forces are doing and am also a soldier of the Pakistani military.”

Afridi also dismissed the possibility of playing in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

“Even if they call me, I will not play in the IPL,” he said.

“The day is not far when PSL will be bigger than IPL,” Afridi added. Shahid Afridi has said he stands firmly with his statement against Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir.

“I firmly stand by what I said earlier regarding what’s happening in occupied Kashmir,” Afridi, arguably one of Pakistan’s most loved cricketers.

The cricketer drew the ire of Indian media, cricketers and stars when he tweeted condemnation of the recent clampdown by Indian forces on civilians in occupied Kashmir.

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