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Uzbekistan keen to expand scientific, cultural ties with Pakistan: Ambassador

ISLAMABAD, AUG 11: A view of rountable held under the aegis of embassy of Uzbekistan at
 COMSTECH secretariat. DNA PHOTO

ISLAMABAD, AUG 11 (DNA) – Ambassador of Uzbekistan Furkat Sadikov has said there is huge scope for expansion of relations between Uzbekistan and Pakistan in the fields of science and heritage.

He expressed these views while  speaking during a roundtable held at COMSTECH.

The ambassador further said, during the years of independence, the interest in inquiring into this colossal spiritual heritage has grown to a considerable extent.

He said, international scientific and cultural cooperation has been launched in Uzbekistan. Major academic conferences are held to further these goals. Jubilees of our outstanding scholars and thinkers as well as ancient cities have been celebrated at the international scale Under the leadership of Uzbekistan, shrines glorifying our remarkable forefathers are being restored and beautified.

Special emphasis is being placed on the reinvigoration and perpetuation of the national spiritual legacy and the promotion of science and education.

According to the spirit of the motto of the 43rd session of Foreign Ministers Council – “Education and enlightenment – the path to peace and creation», Uzbekistan has identified the strengthening and further development of the intellectual, scientific, technical and technological capacities of the OIC countries as one of the priorities for the period.

He added, at the opening ceremony of the 43rd session of the Foreign Ministers Council of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev put forward an initiative for the construction of an International Scientific Research Centre at the Imam Bukhari memorial complex in Samarkand to study the rich heritage of Uzbek people’s great ancestors.

“This research centre will be engaging in studying the precious scholarly and moral heritage of Imam Bukhari and other great thinkers, publishing scholarly interpretations of their works, collecting electronic copies of manuscripts being kept in libraries and archives in this country and abroad and making them available for people in Uzbekistan and the international community”.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev in his  speech at a conference dedicated to issues of ensuring social stability, preserving true essence and content of Islamic religion (June, Tashkent) noted  that “Today, the world is rapidly changing. Who feels these changes the most – it is, certainly, the youth.

ISLAMABAD, AUG 11: Ambassador of Uzbekistan Furkat Sidikov speaking on the occason of a rountable conference held at COMSTECH. DNA PHOTO

ISLAMABAD, AUG 11: Ambassador of Uzbekistan Furkat Sidikov speaking on the occason of a rountable
conference held at COMSTECH. DNA PHOTO

Let the young people be in harmony with the requirements of their time. However, at the same time, they should not forget their origins. The appeal who we are and who are our great ancestors should always echo in their hearts and urge them to be faithful to their origins.

How can we achieve this? We can achieve only by upbringing and educating. However, upbringing and educating does not consist of a school education alone. Now all of us are used to put all the blame on the school”, the ambassador added.

He said, for over the years of independence, dozens of new universities have been established. Currently, there are 58 universities, 15 branches of central universities of the republic and 7 branches of leading foreign universities in the country.

Among them are the University of Westminster, the Singapore Institute of Management, Turin Polytechnic University, Russian University of Oil and Gas, Moscow State University, Russian University of Economics, Inha University of South Korea. =DNA



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