Chief Editor: Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

UK to maintain ‘golden era’ relationship with China: PM


LONDON, (DNA) – Prime Minister Theresa May said here Monday night she is committed to maintaining the “golden era” of Britain’s relationship with China.

In a keynote speech to business leaders at the Lord Mayor’s banquet at the Guildhall in the City of London, May spoke of Britain’s post-Brexit role as a global trading nation, noting that the kingdom will continue to increase investment in Asia.

May said she did not just see China as a vital trading partner but also as a fellow permanent member of the UN Security Council whose decisions, together with Britain’s, will shape the world.

The West cannot write the rules of this century on its own, said the prime minister.

“And I am committed to deepening our partnerships with countries across Asia, where I believe that Britain’s global offer can have a hugely beneficial impact in ensuring that the region’s potential is fully realized,” she added.

Closer to home, May spoke of Britain’s intention to work to secure the best possible Brexit deal — a deal that is not just good for Britain and the EU, but also strengthens the liberal values Britain holds dear.

She urged those present to “champion the deepest trade links and open markets in Europe, and support a new economic partnership with the EU that will be in all of our interests.”

The rules of the game for this century are increasingly being shaped by emerging economies and powerhouses in the East, said May. “So as we reach out into the world and write this new chapter in our national history, the task of a Global Britain is clear.”

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