Chief Editor: Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

Russia ready to form joint projects with Kyrgyzstan in the field of digital technologies

7. FS-7th PMF
MOSCOW, DEC 15 (DNA) – Russia is ready in the coming months to form joint projects with Kyrgyzstan in the field of digital technologies, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Government Arkady Dvorkovich at the 6th Kyrgyz-Russian Interregional Conference “Eurasian Integration as the Basis for the Development of Kyrgyz-Russian Foreign Economic Relations.”.

He said that, Russia adopted a program of digital economy. Now we plan the creation of a legal framework, infrastructure, training and implementation of specific projects.

“We have already adopted such projects as digital healthcare, digital education, smart cities. This also means ensuring cybersecurity. We are ready to do this together. We are ready to form joint projects in the coming months,” he said.

Dvorkovich said that it is important in this regard to develop common standards of action.

“If we do not come to common on general common standards in the development of digital technologies, we will not be able to connect our countries. And trade and logistics in the coming years will be different. Only by creating such technologies, we can continue cooperation,” he said and added that the Russian side is counting on Kyrgyzstan.

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