Chief Editor: Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

PIA completes pre-Hajj operation, last flight departures for KSA


LAHORE, AUG 05 (DNA) – The national flag carrier Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) completed its pre-Hajj flights by boarding off to Jeddah with 400 people on Monday.

PIA flight PK-739 left Lahore with 400 pilgrims for Saudi Arabia as 78,258 pilgrims was taken to the KSA for Hajj.

The national airlines operated 294 flights during pre-Hajj operation whereas post-Hajj operation will start on August 17. The Hajj flights operation was started on July 4 and will continue till September 14.

On the other hand, Government pilgrims went Saudi Arabia through three airlines including PIA, Saudi Airline and Air Blue.

Spokesman of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony informed that a total of 13 catering companies providing quality food to pilgrims thrice a day.

A total of 176 officials and officers of ministry were serving the pilgrims in Makkah.While 469 doctors, nurses and paramedics were providing medical aid to pilgrims. Serious patients were being referred to Saudi hospitals for further treatment. Wheel chairs were also being provided to the elderly patients.

The monitoring teams of the ministry have been conducting the monitoring of Hajj Group Organisars (HGOs). Haram guides have been helping the pilgrims. The lost and found department was locating missing bags and handing over to the pilgrims. Call Centre was receiving calls for help and registering complaints.

He said the ministry had introduced various mobile applications to help pilgrims’ during their stay in Saudi Arabia for Hajj. = DNA


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