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Islamophobia has no place in civilised world: Malaysian envoy



  • Says Malaysia has a strong track record in managing the relations among its various ethnic communities; terms reformation of OIC timely and necessary


ISLAMABAD, MAY 14 (DNA) – High Commissioner of Malaysia Ikram Mohammad Ibrahim said on Thursday that Islamophobia or any form of religious bigotry has no place in a civilised world and must, therefore, be vehemently rejected.


No religion provides any basis to justify any form or manifestation of hatred towards the adherents of other religions or groups of individuals.


The Islamophobic and Christianophobic acts of terror, such as the recent tragic incidents in Christchurch and Sri Lanka, respectively were acts of crime against all humanity since such violent extremist acts had resulted in the loss of innocent lives and injury to innocent civilians, tearing apart the well-guarded socio-political fabric of the nations directly affected.


He expressed the views in an exclusive interview with Centreline journal.


The high commissioner further said, the question of Islamophobia was discussed by both Prime Ministers during their meeting on 22 March.


While both countries agreed to continue to work together in this regard through the various intergovernmental platforms, such as the OIC and D8, we recognised the need to place a high premium on serious engagement with the leadership of other countries, with a view to generating consensus on the most effective and sustainable way to stop, once and for all, Islamophobia and any form of religious hatred and bigotry.


As a multi-religious, multiracial and multicultural country, Malaysia has a relatively strong track record in effectively managing the relations among its various ethnic communities.


In Malaysia’s experience, the key ingredients in our social unity and cohesiveness formula are a strong people-centric inclusive leadership, upholding justice and the rule of law for all, and fostering genuine social acceptance, tolerance and mutual understanding.


To a question about OIC role, he said in spite of the criticisms levelled against it, the OIC, with a membership of 57 States, remains an indispensable inter-governmental organisation for the Muslim world.


Its raison d’etreto safeguard and protect the interests of the Muslim world remains central and relevant in the current context of the rapidly changing global political and economic landscape.


The effectiveness of the OIC in addressing any given issue, including Islamophobia and Palestine, is contingent upon the cohesiveness and resolve of its Member States.


The OIC Member States should continue to exert more concerted efforts to address the concerns of the Muslim Ummah.


On the issue of Palestine, both Prime Ministers agreed to enhance constructive contributions, especially through the OIC Committee of Six on Palestine of which Malaysia and Pakistan are members.


As one of the Founding Members of the OIC, Malaysia has always been supportive of all initiatives undertaken by the organisation in fulfilling its vital role as an agent of peace and development for the benefit of the Muslim Ummah, the high commissioner added.


‘Malaysia believes that the ongoing initiative to reform the OIC is timely and necessary in order to ensure that it is able to enhance its relevance and repositioning itself as a requisite partner in shaping the current and future direction of the global order’.=DNA



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