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Iranian embassy observes Al-Quds day to express solidarity with Palestine

DNA 09-04

ISLAMABAD, JUNE 9 (DNA) – – Ambassador of Iran Mehdi Honardoost has said that Pakistan and Iran should jointly work to resolve the Palestine issue adding both leaderships of both countries should spearhead all moves seeking amicable resolution of the Palestine issue.

Speaking on the occasion of Al-Quds day celebrations at a local hotel the ambassador said it was necessary that all the governments, nations and Islamic societies especially Iran and Pakistan with 200 million of the population of the Muslim world should utilize their all endeavors and capacity to grant the rights to the oppressed people of Palestine.

He said in view of the oppressive approach of imperialistic powers against Muslim countries especially Palestine “all the Muslim countries should, by utilizing their potential and strengthening of solidarity and unity in the support of that land in countering of usurper Israeli regime, take a step.”

He said: “In today’s world, we witness war, blood shedding and conflicts in the Islamic world and various Islamic countries, especially in the Middle East suffering from devastating wars, have rendered irreparable human and material loss to the Islamic Ummah undoubtedly, there are foreign imperialistic hands behind occurrence of these wars and blood-shedding, who have disturbed the stability and tranquility of the Islamic world for fulfilling their own interests.”

The wars, ambassador Honardoost said, during the last two decades in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Afghanistan rendered nothing except deaths and dislocating of a number of oppressed Muslims in the world, destruction of Islamic countries and further weakening of Islamic communities.

Honardoost said, “the imperialist powers were creating civil wars in the regional countries including Syrian, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan and all the crisis-hit and tense areas in all nooks and corners of the Islamic world.
The ambassador said that “the world imperialism has created cancer in this region, full of God gifted wealth and human civilization and supported it and containing their support, so by imposing a long conflict and creating constant instability to hinder the progress of the regional countries and to flared their wealth and tarnish the civilization identity of the region.”

In this regard, he said, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran Imam Khomeini named the last Friday of the Holy Month of Ramazan as Quds Day, “so that all the Muslims in the world cover in an organized manner can protest against silence of International and support of imperialistic powers to Israel and suppression of Palestinians and take steps in favour of Palestine.”

“Quds Day does not only belong to the people of Palestine rather it is a world day and day of expressing unity and solidarity by the Muslims. This day is to show endeavor for getting back the denied rights of the oppressed people of Palestine and express the hatred against the hegemonic Zionist system and illegal regime of Israel. Quds Sharif, as an important city of Palestine has special significance for Muslims because Aqsa Mosque, the first Qibla of the Muslims is situated in this city,” he concluded..=DNA

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