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Expats need to motivate world public opinion about Kashmir: Masood


BRADFORD, England, (DNA) – The AJK President, Sardar Masood Khan has said that human crisis in occupied Kashmir wants Pakistani and Kashmiri community to further gear up their efforts, and motivate international public opinion in favor of legitimate demand Kashmiri people for their inalienable right to self-determination.

Speaking at a dinner hosted in his honor by former Member European Parliament [MEP] Amjad Mehmood Bashir here, he said the Pakistani and Kashmiri expatriates need to apprise the international community of fast deteriorating situation  of occupied Kashmir and the worst human rights violations at the hands of Indian forces in the territory, and through media, the expatriates should effectively counter India’s negative propaganda.

Welcoming the letter of US senators have written to President Donald Trump requesting him to help end serious human crisis in occupied Kashmir, Sardar Masood Khan on behalf of the AJK government and the people of Jammu and Kashmir state, thanked them for expressing concern over repeal of article 370 of the constitution by India, deployment of thousands of more troops in the disputed territory, and imposition of curfew and restrictions on communications.

He appreciated the recommendations made by the US senators Chris Van Hollen (Democrat), Lindsay Graham (Republican), Todd Young (Republican) and Ben Gardin (Democrat) to the Indian government to end the ongoing human crisis, immediately lift the curfew, restore communication and internet systems in occupied Kashmir and release all political prisoners. “These recommendations are highly important and timely toward the resolution of crisis in the held territory,” he added.

In his address, the AJK president said that after revocation of articles 370 and 35-A, India has been busy in ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri people under a well planned strategy, and is violating fundamental human rights of the people of the state as well as all international laws and principles. “Narendra Modi regime’s attempts to settle non-Kashmiri Hindus from India in the held territory turning the Muslim majority into minority,  is a violation of Geneva Convention and other international laws, and the international community should immediately take its notice,” he added.

Those who attended the dinner included leader of Kashmir Soldiarity Campaign and former MEP Amjad Bashir, UK MP and Shadow Secretary of Justice Barrister Imran Hussain, shadow secretary of state for international development Judith Cummins, MP John Grogan, MP Naz Shah, and Chairman Yorkshire Business Community Haji Mushtaq.=DNA


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