Chief Editor: Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

Europe will Receive Azerbaijani Gas in 2020


ANKARA, OCT 06 (DNA) – Turkish Energy Minister Berat Albaicar predicts that Europe can expect the start of gassupplies from Azerbaijan in 2020.

Albaicar inspected the pipeline construction process under the Dardanelles and pointed out that in 2018 the TANAP project will be completed and the TAP Trans-Adriatic gaspipeline will be completed in 2020, then supply of Azeri gas in Europe will begin.

“Laying the pipes under the Dardanelles is the critical part of the TANAP Transanandol Corridor project, the activities continue intensively. And if today’s pace persists, work will end earlier than the agreed deadlines.

The Turkish section is particularly important from the point of view of Turkey‘s and Europe‘s energy security. Work runs on schedule with professional builders and strict adherence to the safety rules. More than 80% of project activities have already been completed thanks to coordination between the Malaysian team and other stakeholders, “Albaicar said.

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