Chief Editor: Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

Diplomats plant trees as Serena Park inaugurated


ISLAMABAD, OCT 08 (DNA) –  Sheikh Ansar Aziz, Mayor of Islamabad & Aziz Boolani, CEO Serena Hotels joined hands in the inauguration of the 8 acre Park, adjacent to the Hotel, in a tree plantation ceremony.

With various diplomats and dignitaries in attendance, the ceremony opened the lush green space to the public.

One of the greatest challenges facing humanity is climate change and the rapid degradation of the environment. Serena Hotels have been taking steps to minimise our carbon footprint through an effective environmental management system, recycling as far as possible and championing eco-friendly practices within and outside Serena.

The Hotel has undertaken to develop the large tract of land so that the residents of Islamabad can enjoy a safe and pleasant space to exercise and relax. With a newly developed jogging track, central walking path, multistage fountain, benches, park lights, flowering bushes, floral arches and shady trees, Park promises an enjoyable experience to both the lone jogger and the picnicking family alike.

The planning and development of the Park took some time as the process had to begin with land leveling and the plantation of new grass. Subsequently weeds and shrubs were removed and replaced with new trees, flower beds and a nursery. The maintenance of all the new plantation has been made possible through a new irrigation network.

The jogging track and central walking path are new while the old path alongside the road was renovated. The rockeries, fountain and benches are new while the old graves have been fenced off. Mr. Aziz Boolani, CEO Serena Hotels, said, “We strongly believe that it is not enough – as a company and as individuals – to simply avoid harming the environment.

We must all come together to play an active role to protect the environment and conserve natural resources. This Park is a project close to my heart in a time when climate change is ravaging the world.

 The saplings we have planted in the past and the ones we plant today will become trees that will provide oxygen for our children in the future, improve air quality, conserve water, preserve the soil and create a space for birds to flourish in the heart of Islamabad.”

He added, “Care of our ecosystem is as much a part of responsible management as financial management. As caretakers of the environment and its resources we believe in having a constructive effect on the ambit of our influence.

Ansar Aziz, Mayor of Islamabad, said, “ Serena Hotels has always prioritized conservation and protection of the environment to the extent that the Serena Business Complex (SBC) has been certified as a Green Office by WWF-Pakistan.

The Green Office Initiative includes water conservation, energy conservation (via use of LEDs), enhanced waste management practices, regular tree plantations, celebration of environment days and adoption of eco-friendly purchase policies. Serena Business Complex is the first office building of its kind in Pakistan to achieve this certification.=DNA


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