Chief Editor: Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

Delay in development: G -14 allottees write to Chief Justice for help


 ISLAMABAD, APR 16 (DNA)  – Allottees of plots in Sector G 14/1 have written a letter to the Chief Justice of Pakistan for taking immediate action in delay of development of Sector G 14/1, 2 and 3.

The allottees in the plea contended that the sector was opened in 2004 and since then no development work has been carried out in sub sectors 1, 2 and 3.

It may be mentioned here that the concerned authorities started some work in G 14/2 and 3 but that work is going on at a snail’s pace while in sub sector 14/1 no development work has yet started.

So much so, in G 14/1 people continue to build settlements illegally and without any check from the housing foundation and other related quarters.

The plea addressed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan further reads,” most of the allottees of this sector include poor government servants, many of them reported to have died, taking wish of building a house in this sector, with them”.

The housing foundation had recently sent letters to the allottees to pay extra charges in the name of built up property charges. These charges are supposed to be paid to the occupants in order to get the land vacated.

The allottees have pointed out in the plea to the Chief Justice of Pakistan that why they should pay for built up property that has been erected illegally?

The Chief Justice of Pakistan has been requested to take immediate action on humanitarian grounds so that people could build houses as soon as possible.=DNA


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