Chief Editor: Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

Cricket Match between Islamabad Serena Hotel & Regional Peace Institute

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Serena Hotels organized a Friendly Cricket Match on November 5, 2017 for Delegates of Regional Peace Institute, which encourages friendly Pak-US relations while testing physical prowess.

Serena Hotels under the Sports Diplomacy Initiative organized the cricket match for the delegates from Regional Peace Institute. Sports Diplomacy initiativenot only encouragesbut also promote Sports in Pakistan and gives a platform to the public where they can practice healthy sport activities. A fervent group of more than 20 delegates and associates of Serena participated in the cricket match held at Islamabad Serena Hotel.The match was followed by Hi-tea. The players and spectators enjoyed the 10 overs match on a refreshing evening.

These healthy sport activities promote the soft image of Pakistan to the foreign land.


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