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Bosnian ambassador confident ties with Pakistan will grow rapidly

DNA 29-01

ISLAMABAD, NOV 29 (DNA) – Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sakib Foric has said that it is honor to celebrate two very important days for my country related with 25th of November our National Day exactly it is our Statehood Day and the 1st December that we celebrate like our Armed Forces Day.

He was addressing the participants of a ceremony that was orgraniezd to celebrate National Day and Armed Forces Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina at a local hotel.

He said relations with Pakistan were growing at a fast speed and during his term as ambassador he would put it in his best efforts to give new dimensions to these relations.

He further said some of the words about state Bosnia and Herzegovina. Of course, it is very close to you but I like to stress something. It is stated with long story from 12th century when we 1st time recognize like the autonomy called BANOVINA from King KULIN BAN after that continue to be Kingdom of Bosnia and Herzegovina until end of the 14th century.

In that time we were one of the 1st and older Europeans Kingdom, and from that time in the next several centuries we were part of Ottoman Emperor until Berlin congress 1878 when we continue under Austro Hungarian Emperor with special status and close relations with the emperors.

The State Anti fascist Council for the National Liberation of Bosnia and Herzegovina was formed as the highest governing organ of the anti-fascist movement in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At the first session, ZAVNOBiH is formally constituted as a General Policy Representation of People’s Liberation Movement of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but in reality and practice acted as its highest authority.

Ambassador said, Bosnia and Herzegovina became brotherhood community in which they will be provided with full equality of all Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats.

Bosnia and Herzegovina have used the constitutional rights from 1945 and continue with that to use right from constitutional rights from 1974 to declare full independency 1992 in process of the desolation of former Federal Yugoslavia.

Bosnia and Herzegovina survived terrible aggression and war 1992 till 1995. At the end of 1995, an agreement was signed in the Dayton in US to terminate the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

And today B&H is structure very decentralize in two Entities and one District. It is stable country nice future in roads to join EU and NATO Aliens.

Ambassador, Sakib Foric told that we are part of NATO PFP program almost solved MAP we are part of mission NATO Aliens in Afghanistan and Iraq last 12 years several UN mission and we are try to be use ful for our Bosnian citizen to demining contamination beautiful country to give our people security environment.

“Our emphasis is to build further economic and trade relations and to explore new vistas for mutual benefit based on shared vision and convergent goals and I wish to reiterate on this special occasion that the everlasting friendship with further grow between Pakistan and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the time to come and I always wish for the peace, prosperity and happiness of peoples of the two brotherly countries”, he added=DNA


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